Kundalini Yoga

Also known as 'the yoga of awareness', Kundalini yoga teaches self-awareness through rapid, repetitive movements in tandem with controlled breathing (pranayama), chanting (mantra), and postures (asana). Each Kundalini session ends with meditation to achieve complete calmness and full spiritual awareness. Ideal for those individuals seeking physical and mental challenges through self-realization. We hope that you will enjoy this great selection of yoga videos and yoga poses.

Pituitary gland.
by Alena Zdorovchenko  published: 9/14/2017


Pituitary Gland.
by Alena Zdorovchenko  published: 9/14/2017


Luxuriate in a world of endless energy and opportunity. These classes are powerful tools for personal exploration. Kundalini yoga is a guided meditation for ...
by Kundalini Live  published: 9/14/2017


Understanding balance is the key to understanding health. Natural systems including human beings are always working to find equilibrium. By letting go we ...
by Kundalini Live  published: 9/14/2017


Kundalini Yoga Studio Info (This is where I went) - Email : Heartofyoga108@gmail.com Phone : 4157304520 Facebook Page ...
by Narcissistic Recovery Healing for Empaths  published: 9/10/2017


Physical Strength and Mental Clarity.
by Alena Zdorovchenko  published: 9/7/2017


Dr. Somer Nicole leads a class through the Pituitary Gland Series kriya, which is particularly calming, grounding and balancing. Mi'ka Moon serenades the class ...
by Dr. Somer Nicole  published: 9/6/2017


Do you want to know how to awaken Kundalini Energy? Try this simple exercise! Read more here: http://mayafienn.es/5XyZpF For more yoga and meditation tips ...
by Maya Fiennes  published: 9/4/2017


Hot Yoga Full Kundalini Yoga Class For Beginners & Intermediate Students Hot Yoga Check Out the Forum @ Enjoy Our 15 minute Free Online Video Class on ...
by Hot Yoga  published: 9/2/2017


Weekly Kundalini classes.
by Alena Zdorovchenko  published: 8/31/2017