Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar is derivative of Hatha Yoga style that concentrates on the body structural alignment through a series of asanas (postures). Iyengar goal is to unify body, mind and spirit as a single entity for improved physical health and well-being while significantly reducing stress and anxiety. Iyengar is one of few Yoga disciplines that uses 'props' such as blocks, straps, benches, cushions and sand bags to help beginners to hold postures that otherwise would only be possible with several years of experience. 'Props' help to support the body thus requiring much less muscular strength to achieve proper posture. We hope that you will enjoy this great selection of yoga videos and yoga poses.

Learn how to do Supta Padangusthasana as Stu takes Karolina through the pose and talks about workarounds for the pose. #ashtanga #ashtangayoga ...
by Purple Valley Ashtanga Yoga  published: 11/5/2018


Siddhartha yoga.
by Tserendulam Jessica  published: 11/2/2018


by essentialyoga  published: 11/2/2018


Rosa Santana explains what Iyengar Yoga Does for her Life, and then Talks about the Iyengar Yoga Festival in Miami.
by Rosa Santana  published: 10/30/2018


This is a 30 minute, "freedom flow" hatha-vinyasa class. This is meant to give freedom and space for each of us to explore our own bodies, learn to trust the ...
by Yoga with Jai  published: 10/28/2018


Time to work on those handstand with Sofia Xirotyri. In this workshop Sofia explains some useful exercises and drills to prepare the body for more stable ...
by love yoga anatomy  published: 10/28/2018


Welcome back to the second episode of Local Legends. This week I interviewed the lovely Shayna Ogden who teaches and practices yoga at Ballarat Iyengar ...
by Maddy Sharp  published: 10/27/2018


From Yoga Warrior 365 with Rudy Mettia, a 12-class, Level 2, Power/Vinyasa yoga program. This full program is included in the ENHANCED membership on ...
by UDAYA Yoga & Fitness  published: 10/27/2018


by virupaksha dani  published: 10/24/2018


Vinyasa Yoga Full class based on theme "Balance" practiced at Samyak Yoga in Mysore, India.
by Mysore Yoga Teacher Training Institute (Samyak Yoga)  published: 10/23/2018