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Billy is the originator of Tae-Bo®, very popular fitness DVD series based on martial arts (specifically tae kwo ndo) and boxing disciplines. All of Billy's fitness videos are fun, fast paced, and set to upbeat hip hop or dance music. Billy also provides great motivation throughout each workout by encouraging you to keep pushing yourself and not to give up. Some of the most well known workouts in the Tae-Bo® family include: Celebrity Fit, Bootcamp Elite, Max Intensity, Bootcamp Cardio Inferno, Cardio Sculpt, and Cardio Explosion. Check out many of Billy’s free Tae-Bo® classes in our video library below. Some classes are previews and some are full-length workouts. Choose your class today!;

NBA star Hassanwhite and Miami Heat Dancers meet up with Eric the Trainer and Billy Blanks on the beach as the new 'Baywatch Crew' to get exclusive fit tips!
by CelebritySweat  published: 6/20/2018


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고강도 인터벌 트레이닝이 효과는 가장 좋지만. 운동을 처음 시작하는 분들에게는 적합하지 않습니다. 처음 하시는 분들은 파틀랙으로 시작해보아...
by 트리거15초  published: 6/15/2018


by Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Fitness  published: 6/12/2018


by Billy Blanks Tae Bo® Fitness  published: 6/12/2018


Hey guys! Today I filmed a full body workout (Still includes exercises to target the booty!). I hope you enjoy and don't forget to let me know if you try out any of ...
by Lily Bowman  published: 6/11/2018


Música gratis a los 150 me gusta SUSCRIBETE AL CANAL AQUI SÍGUEME Grupo - Facebook- ...
by Ángel Class - K1 Fitness.  published: 6/10/2018


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Feeling the power of mother nature in me. I see the weather wanting to communicate more fervently. I sense the activity and it is powerful. For more SensualArt ...
by Carmen Amara  published: 6/8/2018


Song performed by Billy Black Spiritual Warfare is about seeing what is happening around the world and realizing that there is a constant battle and that we are ...
by Billy Black  published: 6/7/2018