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Most of you will recognize Jillian as a star of reality TV show, The Biggest Loser, where she helped dozens of overweight contestants lose hundreds of pounds in matter of months through an extremely rigorous and intense exercise program. Due to her unrelenting training style, Jillian earned a reputation as a tough but respected motivator whose clients always get results! Jillian has sold thousands of workout video and DVDs including her ultra popular Jillian Michaels Body Revolution , Killer Abs, Yoga Inferno, No More Trouble Zones, Kickbox FastFix, 30-Day Shred and Hard Body. Check out Jillian's free library of online workout videos to find your favorite.;

Today I'm going to share with you my favorite meal. I honestly crave this meal because it's so good! I can say this is the most delicious salad you'll ever make.
by Danette May  published: 4/19/2017


In today's video, Coach Arnold and I tackle CARDIO for weight loss, and give you some workouts you can do at home. No gym or equipment necessary for ...
by Erwan Heussaff  published: 4/18/2017


Today for Mindset Monday I'm going to be talking about how to stick with your goals, how to start and making it all the way to the end. ABOUT DANETTE MAY ...
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Polyband hat mir freundlicher Weise DVDs von Jillian Michaels zum testen zugeschickt. Ich habe 20 Tage Sport gemacht und das mit Vorher/Nachher Bilder ...
by JeLoveRocks  published: 4/12/2017


Today I'm going to share with you my two favorite number 1 tricks for enhancing your ab routine. These tricks will help you get the sexy flat abs you want! CLICK ...
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Join The Danette May Challenge: My favorite 30 second trick to start revving up your metabolism and start going into fat ...
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Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Phase 2.
by Tea Time facts  published: 4/5/2017


jillian michael full body killer core.
by Tea Time facts  published: 4/4/2017


For endless workouts of all kinds for beginners to incredibly advanced athletes as well as customized meal plans check out #jillianmichaelsapp ...
by Jillian Michaels  published: 4/4/2017


These are my favorite top 3 weight loss tips that will speed up your results! Tip 1: Start your day off with fresh lemon water. This will help with your metabolism.
by Danette May  published: 4/4/2017