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Most of you will recognize Jillian as a star of reality TV show, The Biggest Loser, where she helped dozens of overweight contestants lose hundreds of pounds in matter of months through an extremely rigorous and intense exercise program. Due to her unrelenting training style, Jillian earned a reputation as a tough but respected motivator whose clients always get results! Jillian has sold thousands of workout video and DVDs including her ultra popular Jillian Michaels Body Revolution , Killer Abs, Yoga Inferno, No More Trouble Zones, Kickbox FastFix, 30-Day Shred and Hard Body. Check out Jillian's free library of online workout videos to find your favorite.;

Jillian Michaels Keto Diet & Truth About Ketogenic Diet. Dr Ekberg responds to Jillian Michaels criticism of the ketogenic diet and why she is right and wrong.
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