Watch the Video of Dance with Ball Aerobics.
by Mojito  published: 9/18/2017


Here is another of our Zumba fitness compilations from our instructor Inés Aaranós. If you want to lose weight while having fun with zumba, dance to the best ...
by OneHowto  published: 9/9/2017


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by S Productions  published: 9/9/2017


Another one from the archives! I have been bringing this dance back for years in my classes. Always a class favorite. Some of this choreography was from ...
by Melissa Ray Fitness  published: 9/7/2017


Dance aerobic on Fitness Convention.
by Katia Vasilenko  published: 9/5/2017


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In today's Aerobics dance video we will learn more agressive and energetic steps. Try this for just 10 to 15 minutes, it ensures proper oxygen supply to body.
by Boldsky  published: 9/2/2017


Today we will learn Aerobics dance steps that will help you to increase Body Strength. This aerobics body workout is especially for beginners, who have never ...
by Boldsky  published: 9/1/2017


Aerobics helps in burning calories and fat, balances the weight of individuals. So in today's Aerobics tutorial video we will focus on moves involving shoulder, ...
by Boldsky  published: 8/31/2017


Zumba Fitness - 50 Minutes Zumba Dance Aerobic Workout to Burn 1000 Calories Zumba Fitness - 50 Minutes Zumba Dance Aerobic Workout to Burn 1000 .
by Nicholas Tran  published: 8/31/2017