Fitness program infused by Latin dance styles such as salsa, mambo, merengue, flamenco, chachacha, samba along with simple aerobics exercises. Zumba targets the core as well as arms and thighs to sculpt and accentuate body definition. All Zumba classes are set to fun, fast moving music to accelerate the heart beat and get you to that elusive 'Fat Burning' Zone. Check out awesome and free Zumba classes below and start sculpting your body by dancing off the fat!


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Watch it till the end to see what happens after class :D Song: Firehouse by Daddy Yankee. NO Copyright infringement. Choreo used for dance fitness classes.
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مجلة مصر الحياة مجلة المراة العصرية.
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Participação especial de Sonny Zin™ Daifit Academia unidade Independência São Paulo/sp.
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