Fitness program infused by Latin dance styles such as salsa, mambo, merengue, flamenco, chachacha, samba along with simple aerobics exercises. Zumba targets the core as well as arms and thighs to sculpt and accentuate body definition. All Zumba classes are set to fun, fast moving music to accelerate the heart beat and get you to that elusive 'Fat Burning' Zone. Check out awesome and free Zumba classes below and start sculpting your body by dancing off the fat!

If you know anything about me you know I love dancing! I do it nightly with my kids! BUT... the thought of dance class scares me! That's why I have never taken a class before! But when I heard...
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High-intensity, non-dance, music-led program STRONG by Zumba® will soon be offered at hundreds of 24 Hour Fitness locations. See how far you can go when music is your motivator. Find a class...
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Join us next time. Zumba Master Class ! Fun Times Follow us on facebok at Cray-Zee Fit Mom.
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Hey guys!! On my first video I showed you my Zumba Basic 1 Training adventure ! Now i'm showing you my first zumba class ! God I was so nervous!! I was about to do what I have...
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Are you ready to Zumba your way into 2018? Get inspired watching the lovely ladies from Seachange Emerald Lakes.
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