Uploaded a song to my fitness dance moves video updated from original upload .
by Sara Mccoy  published: 7/17/2018


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Step-by-step dance instruction to Mercy Me's 'Happy Dance' by the Breakaway 2018 Dance Team.
by University Covenant Church  published: 7/8/2018


by MIỀN TÂY BẠC LIÊU  published: 7/1/2018


Watch Allison Lowe from Denver compete in Individual during the 1986 National Aerobic Championship. As the originators of the USA National Aerobic ...
by Aerobic Championship  published: 6/30/2018


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by mitismondi  published: 6/28/2018


Hola a todos.Nueva coreo super divertida para que hagais en clase,es un (Remix) de este Temazo ¨Hit The Road Jack¨.Espero lo disfruteis mucho como ...
by YSEL G.H  published: 6/27/2018


by Natalia Alvarez  published: 6/24/2018