Stretches for Martial Arts to Help You Get Higher Kicks. Quick 10-min stretch routine for you to follow along to increase your flexibility! Download the 7-Day ...
by Samery Moras  published: 1/9/2019


This one gets intense! It's a full uncut workout that is a stepping stone for future workouts.
by Daniel Quinn  published: 1/9/2019


Follow me on Social Media! VIDEOS - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM ...
by Alex Wong  published: 1/6/2019


New video next week! Learn with Grandmaster Moon and Subscribe! 00:00 With Counting 00:46 Basic Instruction 01:18 With Grandmaster.
by JYMOON TAEKWONDO  published: 1/5/2019


All the thirteen tae kwon do players of MS Dozang (Gangtok) has clinched Medals in the All India Tae Kwon Do Tournament held in Kolkata. The Championship ...
by The Sikkim Chronicle  published: 1/3/2019


Garrett had a super series tournament as a wild card athlete. He has never placed in these tournaments because the level of athlete is so high in the school.
by jenjean70  published: 1/2/2019


Buying and cutting wood from Home Depot to break them using a Taekwondo downward Elbow Strike. 8x one inch thick pine boards ...
by Kingdom Fighters  published: 1/1/2019


Make practice fun at home by incorporating targets! This video shows you how to use targets properly for an exciting and fruitful practice.
by MHCKTKD  published: 12/29/2018


Sup Guys! I set up my calisthenics home gym and wanted to show you around. I also hit a quick front lever/back/bicep workout on the new equipment!
by Sortagymnastics  published: 12/28/2018


by Mojo Ellwanger  published: 12/27/2018