For more information about our program & training opportunities, please email us at Snapchat | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | @mteamtkd USA National Team...
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Cool Beats Crew - Sharp International State Championship 1st Place Beatitudes Dance Call 951-729-0011 E-mail 3481 W Devonshire Ave, Hemet,...
by Beatitudes Dance  published: 1/12/2018


by Di Nguyen  published: 1/12/2018


Practise reduces your imperpection....... Practice with tree at home.
by Ashish madworld  published: 1/11/2018


We moved in to our brand new Taekwondo studio that we built! Click to Subscribe to my channel: Subscribe to my Taekwondo Channel: Where I get my...
by Samery Moras  published: 1/9/2018


In this video I teach you how to perform the split kick. It is also called a scissor kick or a two direction kick. Basically it is a side kick performed with one leg while simultaneously performing...
by Simon Scher  published: 1/4/2018


Drills to Improve Footwork: Follow me on Social Media! VIDEOS - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM -
by Alex Wong  published: 1/4/2018


New year's resolutions often end in failure. Well we can fix that, here are 10 workouts you can do at home with minimal equipment. Follow me on Instagram @kyosanim_mark_frano.
by Kyosanim Mark Taekwondo  published: 1/3/2018


At home.
by Ramesh taekwando  published: 12/25/2017


Wall stickers part 2.
by manoj ranjan  published: 12/25/2017