Plyometrics on the tire, active rest bodyweight, finished with bench squats.
by Blue Phoenix Training  published: 8/12/2017


FREE Physique Building Quiz ▻ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What's the best cardio workout for fat loss?
by BarbarianBody  published: 8/12/2017


Outdoor No Equipment Bench Workout.
by NewDirections Health and Fitness  published: 8/11/2017


The best plyometric workout can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition program This plyometric HIIT workout ...
by Athlean-XX for Women  published: 8/9/2017


In this video we describe how to create a custom workout based on your fitness goals. Most of us usually have one of the four goals when we start a ...
by Kaa Yaa  published: 8/6/2017


Hey Everyone, thank you for coming to my channel! This is the first instructional workout video for my channel. I hope you all enjoy the video and the workout!
by Suzie Rice  published: 8/3/2017


Ladies: Here is a plyo and leg workout! I love incorporating a mixture of plyos & things to keep my heart rate high and to put a different stress on the muscle.
by Eggerth Fitness  published: 8/1/2017


by Millionaire Hoy  published: 7/31/2017


Check out Zumba's latest non-dance, high intensity program, all set to music. In this class, you don't need counting...the music will motivate you through the ...
by Zumba Fitness  published: 7/29/2017


Plyometric training refers to explosive compound movements, commonly done with bodyweight or very light loads such as plyo pushups, box jumps, and jump ...
by Lifealth  published: 7/26/2017