Bikram Yoga

Popularized in the early 1970's, Bikram Yoga uses traditional hatha yoga techniques of posture and breathing exercises in a heated room (~105°F) with high humidity (40%). Participants in all Bikram classes go through the same series of 26 postures along with 2 breathing exercises. Major benefit derived from practicing yoga in high temperature environment is ridding the body of toxins and impurities from fast movements and sweat. Other benefits include: weight loss, strength, improved flexibility and posture, and increased metabolism. We hope that you will enjoy this great selection of yoga videos and yoga poses.

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by BIKRAM PRADHAN 421  published: 11/8/2018


Expand and Deepen your yoga practice with Bikram yoga. Bikram is a Hatha yoga class (classical style) practiced in a heated room (usually 42 degrees c. but ...
by Om Yoga  published: 11/6/2018


Hello everyone and welcome to my first yoga class video. I was not sure how the class would film, I am still in an experimental phase with my presentation and ...
by Ava's Temple Of Consciousness  published: 11/5/2018


by Mallu FashionTV  published: 11/5/2018


Hot Yoga Flow is for anybody who wishes to achieve the benefits of a dynamic yoga class and experience the wonderful feeling of a truly sweaty practice.
by SATSELIXA  published: 11/5/2018


What's up my friiiiends! Another day in the life for you! We enjoyed most of our day in East Nashville which we love very much. We tried out hot yoga at Hot Yoga ...
by L A U R E N  published: 11/4/2018


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by Linos Zante  published: 10/31/2018


Hot yoga has so many health benefits. In this video, I share why I use hot yoga for detox, the benefits I've noticed within my body, and how I strategically sync it to ...
by Balanced Bombshells TV  published: 10/31/2018


Beautiful Ladies practicing Yoga. For Automotive How-to Videos visit our Website: For Tools, Auto Parts and Auto ...
by HOWSTUFFINMYCARWORKS  published: 10/31/2018