Bikram Yoga

Popularized in the early 1970's, Bikram Yoga uses traditional hatha yoga techniques of posture and breathing exercises in a heated room (~105°F) with high humidity (40%). Participants in all Bikram classes go through the same series of 26 postures along with 2 breathing exercises. Major benefit derived from practicing yoga in high temperature environment is ridding the body of toxins and impurities from fast movements and sweat. Other benefits include: weight loss, strength, improved flexibility and posture, and increased metabolism. We hope that you will enjoy this great selection of yoga videos and yoga poses.

3/10/18: The Northeast Super Regional Yoga Asana Championships were held at South Burlington High School on Saturday. This was the first time the event was held in Vermont and it was hosted...
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Mehr Videos unter Beim Bikram Yoga oder Hot Yoga beispielsweise geht es, wie der Name schon vermuten lässt, heiß her: Bei etwa 40 Grad Celsius Raumtemperatur werden die...
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If you are beginners then this video is very much beneficial to you. It will help to keep your mind calm and concentrate on work. About Yoga Tak : Get your daily dose of Yoga postures which...
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