Camara Samsung Galaxy s7 + micro rode + BeastGrip pro.
by Thypos Diseño  published: 1/10/2017


Quick one take video about kettlebell angles and grips, how it affects different muscle groups etc. Change things up in your kettlebell training now and then.
by Cavemantraining  published: 1/9/2017


Kettlebell flipping madness.
by TheBrochacho !  published: 1/2/2017


by Thomas Wanner  published: 12/30/2016


Kettlebell Workout Video Abs, Arms, and Legs This 20 Minute Kettlebell Workout Targets It All.
by Fitness Bikini Model  published: 12/30/2016


You've been kettlebell training for a long time and are used to the kettlebell training swing, now you're thinking about doing a kettlebell sport course, great, you ...
by Cavemantraining  published: 12/29/2016


Well I had to end my workout early. The guys came next door to cut grass, all you hear are the weed whackers and the lawn mowers going. You can go through ...
by Michele Lumadue  published: 12/28/2016


This 15 minute kettlebell snatch workout routine mixes KB snatches with bodyweight exercises to melt calories, burn fat & blast your core! You will burn 300 ...
by Max's Best Bootcamp  published: 12/26/2016 Lauren Brooks designed this program to create a Rock Solid Body structure that you deserve.
by Lauren Brooks  published: 12/25/2016


One of my favorite goto fitness tools! It is ultimate for rapid physique building, toning and superb body conditioning. I love training with kettlebells due to their ...
by MOTION DYNAMIX FITNESS  published: 12/22/2016