Vinyasa Yoga

Often described as the 'breathing system', Vinyasa Yoga unites breath (pranayama) and posture (asana) to safely guide student from one pose to the next in a fluid, continuous, gradual progression; almost like a choreographed dance. Involves more movement (including sun salutations) rather than stretching so prepare to use all your muscle groups. Vinyasa is an extremely diverse yoga discipline. Teachers have the ability to adjust and add their own wrinkles to poses and exercises as there is no single guidebook or philosophy for them to follow. If one class does not set your world on fire, try another teacher. You are sure to find one right for you. We hope that you will enjoy this great selection of yoga videos and yoga poses.

This beginners vinyasa is a great way to begin or recharge your yoga practice. This 30 minute yoga stretch was designed as a full body, beginners yoga vinyasa.
by YOGATX  published: 3/12/2019


Day 1 of #roadtoselflove vinyasa yoga challenge. In this vinyasa yoga flow class we prepare our front & back body to enter wild thing pose. You can get access ...
by Gayatri Yoga Channel  published: 3/11/2019


Cultivate the tools to accept change gracefully with Yoga For Change And Drain. This practice utilizes heart openers, hip openers, and lymphatic movement to ...
by Yoga With Adriene  published: 3/10/2019


This is a 40 minute abridged version of my complete yoga workout series. This video builds strength and stamina in the upper body, hips, legs and glutes, while ...
by Yoga With Tim  published: 3/10/2019


by Nithyananda Yoga  published: 3/9/2019


Hey Beautiful People. So here it is, my first ever full flow on The TUBE! I wouldn't say its advanced but you for sure need some prior yoga or physical background ...
by Sarah White  published: 3/9/2019


by Nithyananda Yoga  published: 3/5/2019


Morning yoga vinyasa flow is an everyday wake up yoga class for flexibility for all levels. You will slowly wake your body tune in to prepare for your busy day.
by Gayatri Yoga Channel  published: 3/3/2019


Want an ENTIRE month of root chakra yoga classes? Click here to join the BMS Studio - Welcome to your new root chakra ...
by Allie - The Journey Junkie  published: 3/3/2019


Face yoga and face massage interweaved into a vinyasa. This class will allow you to experience the antiaging benefits of yoga for the body and face. Let's find ...
by Ali Kamenova Yoga  published: 3/3/2019