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2016 Year in Review - some physics, expand on when to progress/regress and discussion on how to start the new year off on the right path with ourselves and clients

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Leg Extension - Analysis & Application

Leg Extension - Analysis of Structure, Musculature, Progressions/Regressions to Self, Risks Involved and Cueing with a Client

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TUTORIAL - PHP Education Membership Registration

Tutorial explaining the specifics of the PHP Education Membership, Benefits, Curriculum Breakdown, Instructors and Policies


Running Analysis

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B101 - Position, Angular Position, Velocity & Acceleration

Discussion and certain scenarios on the topics of Position, Angular Position, Velocity & Acceleration

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A101 - Skeletal System Overview

An overview of the Skeletal System including the components and an in depth analysis of the anatomy of the bone, bony markings, synovial joints, body positions and joint motions.

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P101 - Intro to Physiology

Introduction into the various systems that are affected by exercise.

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A201 - Hip Structure & Muscle Function

Hip Overview of bony structures and landmarks with descriptive analogies of muscle function

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B103 - Newton's Laws

A look into Newton's 3 Laws of Motion and how to understand the application of these laws during exercise.

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A102 - Muscular System Overview

A102 - An extensive look at muscle function, architecture, tension and perspectives on industry assumptions.

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A202 - Hip Non-Contractile Tissues & Pathologies

A look into various pathologies that affect the funtion of the hip and breaking down the non-contractile tissues that affect/surround the hip.

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B102 - Projectile Motion

A thorough discussion on what projectile motion is and it's influences during exercise

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B104 - Impulse-Momentum Relationship

Defining the relationship between impulse and momentum - practical application of these principles to optimize your thought process. References available upon request.

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P102 - Cellular Health & Inflammation

A look into anatomy and function of a human cell and a few of the mechanisms involved in breaking down enzymes to yield energy.

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B105 - Torque and Center of Mass

What does Torque and Center of Mass have to do with Exercise? Check it out as you will clearly understand why it is important to understand these topics when applying forces to clients!

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A203 Hip Progression of Application (POA)

Using what was discussed in A201 & A202, we will learn what a SMART exercise is and how to apply forces to the hip to focus on various goals your clients may have during their training sessions.

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A103 - Central Nervous System Structure & Function

A103 - An overview of the structure and function of the Nervous System and the relationships with other components of the body, especially the Skeletal and Muscular Systems.

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Whey Vs. Casein Mock Client Q&A.mp4

A commonly asked question by clients is the difference in proteins. What has research found and how does physiology effect this process? Michelle conducts a mock interview explaining this very scenario.


A301 - Knee Structure and Function

A look into the Patella-Femoral and Tibia-Femoral joints and the musculature and mechanics around them.

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P103 Membrane, Nerve, and Muscle

Follow our journey down the axon of the nerve, through the synapse, and the reaction of the cell to signals sent from the nerve to the effectors/muscles.

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Friction Part 2 - Practical

How do we apply concepts of friction with exercise...

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Friction Lecture Part 1

Friction Defined What contributes to the force of friction?

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A302 - Knee Non-Contractile Tissues & Pathologies

A deep dive into all of the non-contractile tissues surrounding the patello-femoral and tibio-femoral joints along with a discussion on common pathologies diagnosed.

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Friction Part 3 - Practical

Friction and exercise

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A303 - Knee POA (Progression of Application)

How many different applications of force can you think of all while considering patella-femoral/tibio-femoral structure, muscular function, non-contractile tissue influences and pathologies?

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V101 - Motor Control and Learning & Transfer

What is Motor Learning? Why should we as fitness professionals care? Do certain skills of an exercise really "transfer" or is it the physical adaptations from that selected exercise? Check this video out to find the answers!

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B111 - Bone and Skeletal Muscle

A look at the specific engineering concept of the Stress-Strain Relationship and how we can apply it to what we do when applying forces to the body.

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V101 - Part 2 - Motor Learning Theory

A deeper dive into Motor Learning with a discussion on the differences and/or similarities between Schema Theory & Information-Processing Theory and why we should care as Exercise Professionals.

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B110 - Open and Closed Kinetic Chains

An in-depth discussion about the misinterpretations of the two and how we apply them to exercise.

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A501 - Trunk Structure and Muscle Function

An in-depth look of the structure of the spine and thorax, many of the bony landmarks associated, muscle function and how motion occurs (or is limited by) the specific design of the region.

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Our Bodies are More than Machines

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A502 - Trunk Non-Contractile Tissues and Pathologies

How important are the non-contractile tissues of the spine? Isn't it important to know what pathologies exist in and around the spine when working with a client? Check out this detailed look into these two important topics!

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A503 - Trunk POA

A look into the infinite ways to apply forces to the spine/trunk and discussions on considerations that need to be taken when clients walk in with "issues".

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Student Reviews

(7 Reviews)

The PHP people and this Study Group are AMAZING!!

Every Tuesday is a growing experience learning and sharing knowledge and talking to people around the world. Ryan always does his best on bringing to the group different content and on putting in perspective various point of views. I love to be part of this group!! - Júlia Veronese Marcon de Carli (Aug. 2, 2016)


Hands down the best Online study group for Fitness/Exercise/Rehab Professionals. OUTSTANDING info and Instructors that TRULY want the best for there clients & students!!! No wonder PHP Chicago is so successful... wish I lived in Chicago;-). - Dan Brown (Dec. 30, 2016)

Highly Recommended

This is a highly recommended study group for all trainers who want to improve their skill of training their clients - Will Mieding (Dec. 30, 2016)


Having this study group available is awesome!! The material is in depth and delivered in an easy to understand manner! I'm not able to be a part of the live study group so the fact that these are recorded to watch later really helps. thank you Precision Human Performance team for all your hard work in making this available to us! Keep it up!!! - Marrisa Gannon (Dec. 30, 2016)

Best Educators

Without a doubt the best educators for anyone who imposes force on the anatomy of a fellow human being. - Kevin Mcdonough (Jan.1, 2017)

Happy to be apart of it!

Never have I ever been more grateful for this weekly study group. By far the most knowledgeable and open-minded individuals you will meet. This study group at PHP has kept me sane and on the road to mastery for close to a year now, and I cannot say enough good things about them/it. If you're looking for a whole-picture view of what is really going on during each and every moment of your time with a client, you've come to the right place. Life long learning with the best of the best in the industry. - Jessica Thiel (1/1/2017)

PHP has taught me a lot.

Each of these educators have helped develop my view of exercise and the human body. Really interesting viewpoints and unique perspectives! Great for opening your eyes and mind. Every serious fitness professional should look into this! - Aaron Westbrook (Jan. 3, 2017)