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Donavan Howard

General Fitness Instructor

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  I don't have any videos yet, but I am working hard to bring them to you.  Please check back again soon.

Fitness Activities

  • General Training: Circuit, Strength, TRX Suspension
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss: Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Sports: Speed & Agility

Fitness Clientele

  • Brides / Grooms-To-Be
  • Overweight
  • Young Adults (18-25 yrs. old)
  • Men
  • Women

Training Style

  • Fun and Friendly
  • Focused on Form
  • Motivator

Certs & Degrees

  • NASM
  • Fitness & Human Performance

3-4 years Experience

Thanks for reading! I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and am huge on functional fitness. I only train functionally myself, so that will be the only way I will train you!


I've been traing for around 3 years now, and I am about to complete my Bachelor's in Fitness and Human Performance. My passion is fitness, while I love sports as well!

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