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Cassandra Nuamah

Wellness Coach , Aerobics Instructor , General Fitness Instructor

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Fitness Activities

  • Cardio Dance: Cardio Dance
  • General Training: Core Condtitioning, High Intensity Intervals
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss: Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Pilates Methods: General

Fitness Clientele

  • Brides / Grooms-To-Be
  • Busy Professionals
  • Novices
  • Out-of-Shape
  • Overweight

Training Style

  • All Business
  • Fun and Friendly
  • Focused on Form
  • Motivator

Certs & Degrees

  • AFAA
  • BA - Bachelor of Arts
  • Certified Health Coach

9-10 years Experience


Cassandra Nuamah is a choreographer, certified personal trainer wellness coach. She is also a Master Trainer for Kukuwa®African  Dance Workout created by her mother Kukuwa Nuamah 
kukuwadanceworkout.com). Kukuwa® African Dance Workout essentially allows you to travel the continent of Africa through dance and music without your passport. In 2003,her mother Kukuwa launched her Instructor Training Certification Program which trains all instructors world-wide to teach the trademark patented style of Kukuwa® African Dance Workout. To date, she has trained over 200 instructors in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Africa.
She was born and raised in Washington, DC. However, her family hails from Ghana, West Africa. She has been dancing since the age of three and teaching Kukuwa® for over 10 years.  A graduate of the University of Virginia and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Cassandra uses her extensive knowlegde of nutrition, exercise and holistic healing to help clients discover their best selves. Cassandra and her mother Kukuwa, counsel clients through nutrition and exercise to achieve and exceed their fitness and wellness goals.  They also take groups to different countries in Africa every year on wellness and cultural excursions.
Cassandra assists her mother with expanding Kukuwa® African Dance Workout all over the world to enhance fitness levels and wellness through dance and health education.
For more information on Kukuwa® African Dance Workoutkukuwafitness.com
For more information on Cassandra's Wellness Coachingwellnesswithcoachcass.com

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