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By Lauren Jacobs

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This is NOT your typical barre class.  But, it will help you tone your way straight into your skinny jeans!  Join us for this full-body workout, inspired by ballet barre exercises and toning methods taught by various dance cardio queens!

Class combines isolated and repetitive movements with isometric resistance, low-impact cardio, and muscular endurance and flexibility exercises. Note: This is not your typical barre class. This is fun, but intense. This is low impact, but athletic. Expect to get a little sweaty and smile while your doing it.

Busy Professionals, During and Post Pregnancy, Women
Yoga Mat
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Lauren Jacobs
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6 for $30 class package
This is a special new student package that I am offering for my 6 am SWEAT and TONE -- classes, being offered every Tuesday/Thursday at 6 am EST through April 4! Please note that packages must be used within 2 months of purchase or April 4 - whichever is sooner. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the teacher.
6 60 Group $30.00
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Student Reviews

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Lauren haa amazing energy

Lauren haa amazing energy. She led the class with very specific instructions and cues. She also corrected my form when necessary which helped me have a more intense workout.