If you never try you never know what you are capable of. Try some of these TRX exercises, do each side. 🤜TRX LATAERAL SIDE LUNGE 2 KNEE RAISE Y.
by Be Alive Fitness  published: 8/29/2019


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by Jillian Michaels  published: 8/28/2019


3 basic TRX movements to work lower and upper body. Lateral lunges, high row, and bicep curls. 30 seconds each for 3 rounds.
by Little-fit  published: 8/28/2019


Upper body strength & conditioning workout with barbell and TRX or Bow500 suspension trainer in super set format. This workout series is the ultimate ...
by Coach Ali Fitness  published: 8/28/2019


TRX Moves of the Week: Coach @zvw_trxcoach is back with another episode and he's walking us through rotation, specifically for golf 🏌️ ♂️ Whether you're ...
by TRXtraining  published: 8/27/2019


Perfekt start på TRX Training Summit 2019 i Danmark med NAVY SEAL Workout ledt af Randy Hetrick, Fraser Quelch og Chris Frankel.
by TRX Danmark  published: 8/24/2019


by Coach_ A  published: 8/24/2019


WORKOUT Single leg squats 3 x 10 each leg Single dead lift 3 x 10 each leg Tricep extensions 3 x 10 Chest Press 3 x 10 Rows 3 x 10 Plank to pike 3 x 10 ...
by Rachel Antony  published: 8/21/2019


by sohalicious  published: 8/19/2019


We use the TRX suspension trainer for this HIIT workout for 3 circuits with each set having 5 sets of TRX exercises for a TRX boot camp workout. You can find all ...
by FDMX Fitness  published: 8/19/2019