We grow your business by helping new clients enroll in your fitness classes.



Alternate Text Enroll New Clients

  • Fill spots that are currently going unused, and get paid directly for every reservation, even for no-shows and last minute cancellations.
  • Convert new clients to paying members.
  • Show off your classes, instructors and space to new clients.

Alternate Text Live Online Classes

  • Stream your in-studio classes live from your website.
  • Record your classes with a click of a button.
  • Your clients can join online from home or traveling.

Alternate Text Video Library

  • Upload and embed video directly on your website.
  • Drive retention by adding live stream and video option for members.
  • Securely store your videos in the Trainerly cloud.

Alternate Text Marketing Tools

  • Embed your class schedule and video library directly on your website.
  • Easily share your online classes and videos to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Email your videos to drive traffic and signups for your in-studio classes.



Recieve 70% of Sales for each
In-Studio Reservation
(100% first 3 Months!)

High Quality Clients

Fill Unused Spots

Marketing and Promotional Services

No Subscription / Membership Fees


Recieve 70% of Sales for each
Webcam Class or Video Sale
(100% first 3 Months!)

Record Classes

Upload Videos

Video Library

No Subscription / Membership Fees

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