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Abs N Ass

By Pole Control

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Cost: $30.00

It really is all about the abs and ass isn't it? This intense lower body workout class focuses on carving out your abs and lifting up that butt. This class utilizes a variety of equipment to both keep the content fresh and to challenge its participants; typical fitness tools used are free weights, medicine balls, Pilates rings, stretch bands

Dumbbells, Exercise bands, Stability Ball
Instructor Name
Holly Woods
  I don't have any webinars yet, but I am working hard to bring them to you.  Please check back again soon.
Title # Of Sessions Session Length Session Type Total Price
Get the Rebound Body
Learn Holly Woods specialty sensual art skills that incorporate a fitness style of modern day empowerment with a tribal dance style yoga burn that will have you crawling away
3 45 Group $99.00
You have to admit, having stamina in the sack goes a long way no matter your age. Learn sensual art skills that incorporate your best hmmm hmm self. Take a deep look into private classes with this personalized class.
5 30 1-On-1 $99.00
Fit to Strip
There is no such time as exercise season, Any time like right now is a good time to try something new and different. Even if you NEVER thought about stripping as a serious option, you'd have to admit some strippers have bodies of goddesses. Must be all that dancing.
6 60 Group $99.00
Pleasure Principles
Earn your associates degree in the art of sensuality, work your way up to your Bachelors of Social Sciences, Masters and PHD in adult sex therapy. This is a 1 year minimum dedicated program
60 60 Group $599.00

Pole Fit 101

This video shows a great way to get fit for when off the pole

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Teaching Beg1

Page 1 of beginner 1 is the foundation to creating more pole combos for the future.

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Pole Fit 102

Fast but efficient edition of my Pole Fit class

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