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Unity Anaerobic Zumba fitness workout

By Reuben G

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You are invited to the Unity Anaerobic Zumba fitness workout the latest  Highly effective 65% Anaerobic and 35% Aerobic workout that help you lose weight safe and fast. The format of the workout are: 5 minutes stretch warm up, 15 minutes Afro Zumba dance workout, 7 minutes strength training, and 3 minutes stretch. I can assure you that you will lose weight improve your health, flexibility, mobility, stability agility core, Endurance, Stamina, strength, V02 max, MHR, and oxygen range. You will feel like you are working out with a professional fitness trainer. If you want to play any sports, get healthy, or run a marathon this is your blessing. The dance have 3 level If your resting heart rate is from 55 down keep in level 3, and If your resting heart is between 55% and 65% you keep in level 2. And Resting heart rate 65% above level 1. Every member will workout to a special song play on trumpet by Reuben the instructor for his or her Birthday, or any anniversary


Men, Women
Instructor Name
Reuben Fitness Coach @ group fitness instructor
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Title # Of Sessions Session Length Session Type Total Price
Anaerobic Aerobic workout to get in the best shape of your life
7 minutes stretch and warm up, 25 minutes workout, 3 minutes stretch
2 45 1-On-1 $25.00

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