Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar is derivative of Hatha Yoga style that concentrates on the body structural alignment through a series of asanas (postures). Iyengar goal is to unify body, mind and spirit as a single entity for improved physical health and well-being while significantly reducing stress and anxiety. Iyengar is one of few Yoga disciplines that uses 'props' such as blocks, straps, benches, cushions and sand bags to help beginners to hold postures that otherwise would only be possible with several years of experience. 'Props' help to support the body thus requiring much less muscular strength to achieve proper posture. We hope that you will enjoy this great selection of yoga videos and yoga poses.

Welcome! A beautiful practice that 'gets' the whole body whilst giving a burst of extra focus on the legs, groins and hips. Energy enhancing and soothing all at ...
by Online Yoga Teaching  published: 8/26/2019


Finding your centre - Forward bends. Beginners Iyengar Yoga. Forward bends, particularly the seated ones, can be difficult for Beginners to yoga. In this 15 ...
by Yoga with Lin and Leo  published: 8/25/2019


A dynamic practice with extra emphasis on back strengthening. The session starts with Surya Namaskars interspersed with various hip/groin openers and ...
by Online Yoga Teaching  published: 8/22/2019


Join me in this delicious practice that takes us through a series of essential asanas whilst bringing attention to the naval and Uddiyana Bandha as we work.
by Online Yoga Teaching  published: 8/19/2019


Shelley Tomczyk began practicing yoga in 1997 and started teaching in 2001. A synthesis of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar and Anusara yoga, Shelley's classes ...
by Art You Alive  published: 8/18/2019


Beginners yoga for about 15 minutes every day.
by MarlingYoga  published: 8/18/2019


Kurmasana - Tortoise or Turtle Pose. Iyengar Yoga Tutorial. In this 10 minute Iyengar Yoga class, we look at different ways to access the Intermediate Pose, ...
by Yoga with Lin and Leo  published: 8/18/2019


Split yoga class.
by ankur sharma  published: 8/17/2019


Iyengar Yoga for Travel - While you're away... You want to stay fit and healthy while you are away, whether you are travelling on holiday or on business.
by Yoga with Lin and Leo  published: 8/11/2019


O Iyengar Yoga é um tipo de yoga excelente para quem quer iniciar na prática. Ele tem como principal objetivo fazer com que qualquer pessoa realize a ...
by NAMU  published: 8/6/2019