by Luis Hernandez  published: 8/21/2019


by Random Videos  published: 8/19/2019


Not good.
by Luis Hernandez  published: 8/18/2019


Hey SHiNE Tribe this post will give you a sample of the online class experience. Our online classes are 100% real, not staged, this is not a set, real students, real ...
by SHiNE DANCE FITNESS  published: 8/15/2019


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Kate Upton and Jimmy challenge themselves to match dance moves from old 1980s-era workout tapes. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy ...
by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  published: 8/13/2019


Sorry for the blurriness. I'm trying to fix it. Just a little something I made for fun and as a joke so don't get offended. Help me get a new mic. I want to make videos ...
by NugyTz  published: 8/11/2019


Thrill the World dancers at Saturday Market 8/10/19.
by kumquatwriter  published: 8/11/2019


I don't own any rights to the media contained in this video. I just really wanted to see what this video would be with old town road audio. Please enjoy.
by Claire Michelle  published: 8/7/2019


Another Workout with some cardio kickboxing that will go by so fast because its fun! 20 min of music that drives you for a FULL BODY HIIT cardio workout. All you ...
by Healthy Fit with Ty  published: 8/5/2019