In this video Duane shows us how to bring our feet with us when striking. The gallop step or pendulum step is a staple in the foot work for striking and fighting.
by  published: 8/24/2019


Been meaning to post an updated kickboxing video... so here you go!! y'all enjoy and feel free to comment below. Positive comments are appreciated.
by alyssaargy  published: 8/24/2019


Kick Tutorial Videos for the FRONT-SIDE-ROUND HOUSE -BACK Kicks:
by AngieFitnessTV  published: 8/20/2019


A promotional video displaying kickboxing and boxing for Polarsirkelen Kampsport. A martial arts gym in Mo i Rana.
by Fistful of Adventures  published: 8/18/2019


In this video Duane shows us the proper technique for the lead front kick. When you are first starting out you will want the lead front kick in your arsenal, it will ...
by  published: 8/17/2019


ACCESS THE ENTIRE COURSE FOR FREE HERE: Hands up and chin down... But it's a lot more complicated than that! Hand placement is ...
by John Morehouse  published: 8/13/2019


Here is our 1st YouTube video of PDKA Kickboxing tournament. We didn't just won we dominated the tournament don't forget to follow us on our other social ...
by TOUGH GENERATION  published: 8/13/2019


Kickboxing Workout Van Dime.
by Van Dime  published: 8/12/2019


This 30 minute cardio kickboxing workout challenges your full body and is deal if you are looking for weight loss. This workout includes a warming up and ...
by FitnessType  published: 8/12/2019


In today's video, I went Kickboxing with my family. It was really fun, but boy was I sore afterwards. The video is pretty short but I hope you guys enjoyed it ...
by Wandering Rachelle  published: 8/11/2019