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Erin Vargo

Aerobics Instructor , General Fitness Instructor , Kickboxing Instructor

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Fitness Activities

  • Aerobics: Step
  • Calisthenics: Calisthenics
  • General Training: Bodybuilidng, Strength
  • Yoga: Flexibility

Fitness Clientele

  • Athletes
  • Busy Professionals
  • Out-of-Shape
  • Young Adults (18-25 yrs. old)
  • Women

Training Style

  • Fun and Friendly
  • Focused on Form
  • Motivator

Certs & Degrees

  • ISSA
  • BA - Public Policy

11+ years Experience

My name is Erin Vargo, and I am an experienced fitness instructor with pyrotechnic superpowers.


I currently hold a certification as a personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I have taught fitness classes and personal training clients since 1997, including at some of the top gyms in the nation. Teaching fitness has always been a passion of mine. 


I became interested in fitness and training in the 90s when I watched my first fitness video by Cindy Crawford. I then began my journey toward optimal health and fitness, attending fitness classes at the local recreation center in my hometown. I became certified by the American Council on Exercise as a group fitness instructor at age 17, in spite of the age limitation.


I taught high-energy fitness classes throughout my senior year of high school and spent the next four years of my education studying political science and economics at Stanford University, where I also taught a variety of classes to my fellow students, including former Olympians and others who went on to become professional athletes. While working as a professional speechwriter and communications consultant for many years, I often worked as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, as well, including at: Gold’s Gym; World Gym; 24-Hour Fitness; The Sports Club-LA; Happy Hour gym in Beverly Hills; and even at the famed Gold’s Gym in Venice, California—the “mecca” of bodybuilding. In 2010, I ran an independent boot camp three times a day, five days a week, assisting a diverse range of clients (over 150 in total) in my hometown. I have run marathons and continue to run daily, having recovered from a broken leg while hiking in Los Angeles two years ago. I have become very knowledgeable about a variety of training types. My greatest assets are my high energy, my knack for creative programming, and my ability to empathize with others.


Join me on Trainerly, and let’s light it up!


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