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Melody Moe

General Fitness Instructor

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  I don't have any classes, webinars or packages yet, but I am working hard to bring them to you.  Please check back again soon.
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Fitness Activities

  • General Training: Circuit, Core Condtitioning, High Intensity Intervals, Strength
  • Martial Arts: Kickboxing

Fitness Clientele

  • During and Post Pregnancy
  • Out-of-Shape
  • Overweight
  • Young Adults (18-25 yrs. old)
  • Women

Training Style

Certs & Degrees

  • ISSA
  • NASM
  • Coaching

9-10 years Experience

Thanks for checking out my Bio! I look forward to working with you and helping you make some big changes in your life.

I have been a fitness instructor for 10 years and I love what I do! Back in 2004, while in college, I was asked to teach group fitness classes at a local gym and it was at that point I realized my passion for motivating others to live fit! I started out teaching group fitness but soon realized my passion for working one-on-one with clients. I enjoy all forms of fitness and I hope to inspire others to find what gets them moving and keeps them moving. My goal is not just to help you reach your goals, but to teach you how to make fitness a lifestyle. I am an ISSA and NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I've worked with individuals of all fitness levels from obese to those training for marathons to elderly to young moms to pregnant moms. I have personal experience working out during pregnancy as I worked out throughout both of my pregnancies. As I stated before, fitness is a lifestyle! It's not a temporary fix.

Whatever your fitness level, I look forward to putting together just the right class or training program that will help you succeed!

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