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Francesca McKenzie

Certified Personal Trainer

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  I don't have any videos yet, but I am working hard to bring them to you.  Please check back again soon.
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Fitness Activities

  • Calisthenics: Calisthenics
  • General Training: Bodybuilidng, Core Condtitioning, High Intensity Intervals, Strength

Fitness Clientele

  • Athletes
  • Busy Professionals
  • Out-of-Shape
  • Overweight
  • Women

Training Style

  • Fun and Friendly
  • Focused on Form
  • Motivator

Certs & Degrees

  • BA - Kinesiology and Health Science

5-6 years Experience

Ready for change?? LET'S DO THIS THEN!

Hi!! Welcome and thanks for visiting my page! I'm so excited about helping you change your life for the better with the best workouts you will ever have - intensity, muscle development, and a feeling of pure health after each session! I used to be 60lbs overweight, and was leading the worst lifestyle you could imagine. I am walking proof that you can change your life too!

My focus is going to bring you functional strength, fat loss, and conditioning, all while maintaining perfect form! Lose inches, build muscle, and live better!! Let's go!


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