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Tiffanie Grady

Aerobics Instructor

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Fitness Activities

  • Aerobics: General
  • General Training: Circuit, Core Condtitioning, High Intensity Intervals
  • Martial Arts: Kickboxing

Fitness Clientele

  • Brides / Grooms-To-Be
  • Busy Professionals
  • Overweight
  • Women

Training Style

  • Fun and Friendly
  • Motivator

Certs & Degrees

  • Fitour
  • BS

11+ years Experience

With over 20 years experience working as a trainer/GFI, I can honestly say it was the best decision for me. I grew up with a gymastics background, and played any and every sport I could.... I feel like I have grown up in fitness. And looking back, With a few Physique Competitions under my belt, and some amazing success stories to tell.....I believe this is the most rewarding industry I could ever be a part of. To be able to raise awareness about the healthier things in life, and see changes in someone, is the greatest gift I could be given.



IFA- Sports Nutritionist Cert

Fitour- Group Fitness Trainer

Personal Trainer

Indoor Cycle Instructor

Certified Wellness Coach




I believe working out should be fun. Doing the same thing over and over is monotonous and an ineffective way to reach your goal.For anything to become a part of your lifestyle you have to enjoy it. I believe this is especially true when it comes to nutrition and exercise. It doesn’t matter how good it is for you, if you don’t enjoy doing it, it will only be temporary. I like to create workouts that are challenging enough to get you results, but fun enough that you will want to make fitness a permanent part of your lifestyle. Remember- Pain is only temporary, but the results can change your life. If you want it bad enough, just do it!


My GOAL as an instructor is to motivate, inspire, and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.





Circuit training

Core Strength

Functional training

Weight control/loss









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