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Chicago, IL

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  10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Central Standard Time
Cost: 15.00
Special Offer: $5
Promo Code: Fit5
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  • 1030 N. Larrabee St.
    Chicago IL, 60610

Fitness Activities

  • CrossFit: CrossFit
  • General Training: Bodybuilidng, Circuit, Core Condtitioning, High Intensity Intervals, Kettlebell, Plyometrics, Strength, TRX Suspension
  • Kettlebell: Kettlebell
  • Nutrition & Weight Loss: Nutrition & Weight Loss
  • Rowing: Rowing
  • Sports: Conditioning, Speed & Agility
  • TRX: TRX

Fitness Clientele

  • Brides / Grooms-To-Be
  • Busy Professionals
  • Young Adults (18-25 yrs. old)
  • Men
  • Women

Training Style

  • Fun and Friendly
  • Focused on Form
  • Motivator

Certs & Degrees

  • ACSM
  • CF-L1
  • CF-L2
  • NASM
  • CSCS

5-6 years Experience

High intensity interval fitness classes, with constantly changing workouts that are infinitely scalable, allowing athletes of all fitness levels to excel. Atlas is a great place to try HIIT bootcamp classes with professional Crossfit trainers.

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Student Reviews

(9 Reviews)

Circuit Fit

The coach of that class is absolutely amazing - Steve G. (Oct. 09, 2016)

Circuit Fit

Great stuff. Good mix of cardio and weights with good timing. Kept up good intensity - Selmaan A. (Sept. 17. 2016)

Circuit Fit

Fun, challenging, motivating!! Always a good balance of reps and rounds. Taylor P. (Aug. 20. 2016)

Circuit Fit

Great stuff! Keeps you moving the entire time. Challenging but not over the top - Steve G. (June 25, 2016)

Circuit Fit

SO hard but you're SO happy after!! I hate it when I have to miss a day! - Jodi O. (Apr. 20, 2016)

Circuit Fit

Best Studio in Chicago!! - Raphael D. (July 22, 2016)


A really challenging but fun class. Vance always pushes you past what you think your limit is - Christy D. (Oct. 28, 2016)

Circuit Fit

Great class! Andrew really helped me with my form on the snatch lift and the positioning of my knees. I t really clicked on what I have been doing wrong. - Christy D. (Oct. 16, 2016)


Alison did a great job with the programming for this class. It pushed me to my limits while keeping good variety. This was my first Metcon class and I really enjoyed it! - Sharon M. (Sept. 26, 2016)