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Ann Toran

Pilates Instructor

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Fitness Activities

  • Pilates Methods: General / Mat, General, Equipment, Concepts

Fitness Clientele

  • Athletes
  • Busy Professionals
  • Novices
  • Seniors / Retirees

Training Style

Certs & Degrees

  • PMA
  • Balanced Body Education Faculty Training
  • Balanced Body Pilates Education Certified
  • Polestar Pilates Certified
  • Lolita San Miguel Master Mentor Program
  • Balanced Body Barre Certified
  • Bodhi Suspension Training Certified
  • MOTR Training Certified
  • CoreAlign Training Certified

11+ years Experience

Ann Toran made Pilates her career after reaping the benefits of Pilates as an injured ballet dancer. Early in her career, while performing in Zagreb, Croatia, Ann sustained a major back injury that was considered career threatening. She became a Pilates devotee after experiencing its effectiveness in both her rehabilitation and her improved fitness. Thanks to Pilates she not only performed again, but was subsequently promoted to Soloist!

Although she stopped her performance career 25+ years ago, Ann continues to perform daily in the Pilates studio as both teacher and perpetual student! She and her husband, Chiropractor Errol Toran, have dedicated themselves to making the Pilates reformer affordable and available to everyone at their three Pilates Reforming New York locations in Manhattan.

Ann is PMA Certified and continues to further her Pilates education by attending several conferences annually, as well as through study with various Pilates educators. Ann completed the Pilates Master Mentor Program with Pilates Elder Lolita San Miguel in November of 2011 and is now considered a Second Generation Pilates teacher. She has been certified by Polestar Pilates in the Reformer, Mat and Studio (all apparatus) certifications. Ann joined the Balanced Body Education Faculty in 2008 and is currently teaching the BB repertoire at her own Pilates Reforming New York studios in New York City where they are designated an Authorzied Balanced Body Host Site.

Prior to her teaching for Balanced Body, Ann was an Educator for Polestar Pilates Education.

In 2012 Ann had the pleasure of training with Darya Bronston, the inventor of the Core Fitness Roller. Balanced Body has since acquired it and renamed it the MOTR (More Than a Roller).  Ann has enthusiastically added this unique small portable apparatus to her repertoire of teaching specialties. She is also Balanced Body Faculty for Barre and Bodhi Suspension System.

Ann feels the ultimate honor and challenge is developing and inspiring the next generation of Pilates teachers. Ann considers herself somewhat an ambassador of Pilates, enthusiastically traveling around the world to share her Pilates passion. She was a regular guest teacher in Lausanne, Switzerland where she taught the Balanced Body repertoire for several years. An avid traveler Ann is thrilled to have taught in many countries including London, Dubai, Scotland, Spain, Hong Kong; Prague, Czech Republic; Mumbai, India - where she was the first Pilates teacher invited to train Pilates teachers; and Monchengladbach, Germany - where the first Pilates Day conference under Lolita San Miguel was held in May 2011. This was particularly exciting as it is the birthplace of Joseph Pilates!

Ann describes her signature Reformer class as an intense, faster paced (she is a New Yorker after all) and demanding contemporary Pilates experience. A stickler for technique, she is very serious about her student’s improvement and there is a constant stream of encouragement and constructive feedback throughout her Reformer classes. As a former dancer she often incorporates creative choreography in her class making the class challenging for both dancers and non-dancers alike.

Recent Reviews:

"I really loved Ann and her method of teaching. She is a true advocate of accuracy while teaching Pilates and she is a true inspiration. I really enjoyed her classes and I am looking forward to attending her classes and continuing my Pilates education.

"Ann is an incredible instructor!"

Ann is a superlative teacher. In a group setting, Ann easily evaluates the needs of the individual student, then sets forth working with their strengths and weakness, encouraging the student to develop more fully. I spent a weekend with 4 other students of various abilities and backgrounds and through her inclusive teaching style I left the workshop inspired by each person. Ann is a master in her craft as well as a master teacher."

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