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Carrithyms! XDP: Weekly!

By Kendra Hyson

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Cost: $10.00

What is Carrithyms! XDP?  Carrithyms! Extreme Dance Program: the creation of dance athlete, Kendra Hyson.  In one hour of this total body elite athlete level training class, you will learn technique, world culture and gain over 5,000 of your recommended 10,000 steps per day.  Kendra's fun spirit, charming personality, electric choreography style and nurturing instruction will propel you to new goals and accomplishments!  This isn't pre-canned memorize-able choreography - this is a labor of love of the arts.

We incorporate *REAL* dance genres from The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and the South Pacific with our focus being the Caribbean. 60 minutes of hot moves and tons of steps to be gathered without realizing it. So stop simply booty-shaking and DANCE FOR REAL!


(A towel and hydrating drink are recommended)

Speed & Agility
Athletes, Busy Professionals, Out-of-Shape, Overweight
Instructor Name
Kendra Hyson
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Good Vibes Package
Love the class so much that you attend weekly and want to save cash? GET MULTIPLE CLASSES! Commit to 4 classes per month and see the changes in your life. It is cheaper than a gym membership and it gives you exactly what you came to do: DANCE! No crowds, no fighting over space in a studio... Instead, just all of the creative, judgment-free learning you deserve with full attention on your growth as a dancer.
4 60 Group $32.00
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