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SlowFlow Restorative Yoga (Rest & Restore)

By Ieshia Ali

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Cost: $15.00

Let's retrain the brain for optimal sleep and prepare for your New week!

Yoga is the perfect tool to calm and cool.

Join this LIVEStreamed class from your bedroom or quiet space! 

*Restorative yoga poses are excellent for cure for insomnia. You can do this yoga sequence any time you want, but in the evening is the best times. It's best to do this yoga insomnia cure in the bedroom, so you can get right in bed when they start working their magic.

Rest & Restore SlowFlow Yoga integrates many Yin postures i.e. lying down and seated postures hence the slow flow as well as a few balance enhancing standing postures. Yang is considered dynamic due to STRETCHING & STRENGTHENING of muscle tissues.

YIN focuses on Connections of the HIPS, PELVIS & LOWE SPINE. 

If backaches and "bum hips" from tight hamstrings are an issue for you like millions of others. This practice is a gentle way to coax the bosy back into balance and submission.

Suggested Equipment:

*Positive Attitude


*Bolster (can make one from blanket)

*Strap or long sock

*Eye Pillow ( if you have one for savasana)

Beginners Welcome.

General / Mat
Athletes, Busy Professionals, During and Post Pregnancy, Novices
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