Digital Memberships

  • Retain Members! Include digital membership feature in all membership plans. FREE for all new and existing members.
  • Attract Millenniums! Digital memberships provide younger members a cool new feature to replace traditional, generic offerings.
  • Year Round Members! Members have the option to workout at your facility, home, office, or hotel room regardless of weather, vacation, or relocation.
digital membership

Having problems retaining club members? Too many seasonal members not renewing their memberships? Trouble attracting younger members to your club or gym? Looking to differentiate yourself from competitors?

If so, then you are ready for join industry's only fitness platform combining traditional gym membership plans with virtual technology!

Trainerly is an online destination for gyms, health clubs, and fitness studios to steam live and pre-recorded training sessions directly to members computer, laptop. tablet, iPad or mobile device in High Definition, TV-like video quality.

Simply upload your pre-recorded videos and/or existing class schedules to our site and you ready to go! Members book your club's live and recorded workout sessions directly from your website!

Watch short video clip to learn more!